Our mechanics are fast, precise and really knowledgeable! Because of that our brake and engine repairs are one of the best!


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Number one auto service

My car just was not going right! It was slow and it was going dead every now and then! I went to D and C Automotive and Upholstery auto repair shop and they just did their magic. They told me that my engine was bad and they repaired it for me! Now my car is almost like new! Thanks D and C Automotive and Upholstery.

I just wanted to say thank you! My brakes were awful and the staff of D and C Automotive and Upholstery were so kind to replace them in fast manners! Will recommend them to anyone.

I had a major fail with my car broke down in the middle of the street! It just stopped. One day was just enough for D and C Automotive and Upholstery to understand what is going on and to repair it! I was really happy with their service!

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